About swingsnowman

Local Hong Kong 90s,
Not cute, Not girly,
Born in HK, Raised in HK,
Inspired by Eastern and Western Culture, Music, Fashion, Illustration.
Love the City Life, Travelling,
I have struggled to find who I am, what should I do...

In HK, I feel like most of the people are losing their believes,
We are kind of lost.
People are here just to play mobile phones/ tablets
Just watch the TV shows about celebrities eating and chatting,
And stupid TV dramas which you can certainly predict the finales correctly.
Talking to the friends only about eating, work......
( Don't forget you have already work for 12 hrs a day)
Life is only about this?
That is why I want to blog and tell the others how life can be in HK...
That is the whole point to be a blogger.