WHY DO WE HAVE RELIGION? Should we believe in a religion? (2)

Good music, Good life!  John Mayer is back! How can people live without John Mayer?!

So what did they think about religion stuff!?

Miss F was just about to start exploring more in Buddha. The reasons were so simple, 1. she had studied in a Buddhism school for around 7 years; 2. she wanna have a religion belief. But still, why do we need to have a religion belief?!

Miss L pointed it out without any doubt "We need religion belief, otherwise we will lose our track!" and BELIEVE IN GOD!! HE WILL LEAD YOU THE WAY!!! Well, who is the God? The Christian one or the Jesus? (No offence!) Can he be the other god? When I encounter these questions, I stop refraining from the Christian. Anyway, I still believe in the God!

When I've heard of the "Action Reaction" thing during chatting with Bean, plus the Karma thing, I feel like I have some "connection" with it. So I am reading abt that=]

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