WHY DO WE HAVE RELIGION? Should we believe in a religion? (1)

I am going to talk about something serious which confuses me always. But first, let's have a childish but wise song. I am a Lion King fans. When I watch it, I just cry. Because it is about LIFE! Tell you more about Lion King later.

WHY DO WE HAVE RELIGION? Should we believe in a religion?

This is the topic that we 4 girls talk about till 5am in the morning. 

Here is what I think. (NO OFFENCE!) I do believe in GOD, who maintains everything on schedule and "normal", or controls our fate or karma. But I am not sure where he is and whether he Particularly belongs to one special religion like Christian or Catholic. At the same time, I believe (at this moment, here is wht i am believing) that the reason we live is because we are under the circle of life. That is why we have to give offspring, develop the world and all the bullshit. Circle of life and God are what I am believing in. 

So, should I put a God into a particular region? My friends kept saying that having one religion is really important. Otherwise, I will get lost! Is it the real scene?! Seriously, I have tried believing in Christian but in vain. I studied in catholic school for 7 years, but in vain. What can I do? They said like I should understand more first. 

Next blog is about what they think.

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