On the road ... Work out babe!

Ooooh Work Out!!
Well, working out is not only about turning your body into a perfect shape (Come on we are not the gays in Sexy and I know It, we dun need to be sexy), but to have a healthy body. Plus, please do not turn your body into an extremely muscular one! Having extreme muscle is sort of rebelling your natural body. I just hate that!

Anyway, take your time and run with your dog. This is a life style that most of the Hong Kongers forget about. Run Run Run and Cheer up!! Don't let your lazy and fat tear you down.


  1. dont let you lazy and fat tear you down, Tsang!! Let's guess who I am! But I don't think that you can figure it out=p

  2. Well I dunno who u are =[=[=[
    I am not that fat and lazy anyway \./ work hard!