Lesson learnt ... Passion or Indifference.

Every week day when I go to work, I feel like we are being sent to a concentration camp. Of course, the environment is not as terrible as the camp. You get the paid, get some recognition from your work. You are pressurized, overloaded. Somehow, work is like a roller-coaster. Everybody goes through the up and down. Well, that is the reality. What I want to say is that I have observed something interesting in this roller-coaster. 

You can see two different attitudes to life from their eyes. You can see one is full of passion. The other is indifference. You may criticize that you cannot judge the others from the first sight. But, I do believe in intuition, instincts. 

The group of indifference is booming as they are now easily tempted by the stupid Candy Crush or Korean TV dramas. Yes, I am stereotyping them. But, think about it. You are wasting your RAM when you play Candy Crush. These are the poison that sabotaging our personal growth. That's why they will never understand what passion means in life.

You care, dream, work hard on it, determine, persevere...... are the passion of your life. You see yourself as a musician in 10 years. That's why you go to sing on the street every weekend. Maybe your parents entirely object to your decision as music is worthless in HK. People may not agree to your decision. Or it takes time to fight, just like Mandela's - Long Road to Freedom. But, it is worthy when you are young. Twenty something is the golden age to keep your passion and grow it. PASSION.

The ideas of this passage is from a little chat with my colleague. 


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  2. TRUEEEEE!!!!
    Don't stop believing.