Story about swingsnowman ... To the ONE we LOSE

Two days ago, I received a sorrowful news. One of my secondary school classmates passed away due to fire accident. I was so sorry about this. I am not a specially closed friend of him. However, I think I am kind of a big sister to him when we were in the school. It's just like seeing somebody growing up.

Still, the feeling of lossing somebody you know is suffocating, especially you realize he suffered before leaving the world. I really can't imagine how his family deal with this tremendous struggle.

In Asia, we believe in fate or karma. There are a lot of things that we cant fully control on our hands, like meeting the right people, falling in love, working for some stupid company, encountering accidents which you hardly prevent...... When I was a kid, I always think like things can be really under control. But obviously not, you know that God is more powerful than you thought. Here I am not talking about the God from Muslim or Catholic, but the ONE who control our world, life.

So now on I shouldn't be sad, at least he is living in a better world. My boyfriend said " If you want him good, do something good for him. That's how I do for the friends I loss in the Civil War." He is right.

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