Subtle Friday ....... HK Girls get addicted to foreigners or "Girls just wanna have fun"?

I think everybody in HK now have heard of the story - A foreigner "stole" a girl from an Asian boy. This leak is now a hot topic here. Obviously, these two foreigners are a piece of shit. Posting the video which is recorded with hidden camera, naming it with a discriminate title. What a saint! However, those girls do not worth any mercy for their behavior. 

In  Lan Kwai Fong, One Night Stand happens every where. It is just as usual as breathing ...... for the party animals. It doesn't matter whether you or your target partner is white/ black/ brown. It just happens to every party animal there - provided that you aim at having extra fun after the party. Only boys picking on girls? No no no... My dear bf shared some experience to me ...... Girls do shake their bodies in front of the guys persistently, even though guys refuse. Here is a basic theory - If girls does not raise any sexual arousal, how can guys successfully hook you up? Right? Hence, I believe that these girls just intended to have some fun... But, unfortunately they fell into the foreign jerks.

Foreigners are always attractive here. Due to the integration of both Eastern and Western culture, plus the governance of Britain, HK people mostly are still psychologically connected to the west. Anything from western culture is superior. This tendency is just deep rooted.

Another area that local or any other chinese boys' inborn disadvantage is that - most of them are not board built. Outlook is of importance in the reality. Instinct will judge you whether you are data-ble or not. So, please don't blame that I am this or that like a baby. Relationship / One Night Stand will come to you if you get prepared. lol

Soo... That's what I think about the video, what about you?

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