Just for fun ... No offense - Here we got soldier/guard from different nations.

Different soldier/ guard/ police force from varied nations, they all wear uniform in green color...... Stand straight... humm... not that straight... they are like.

Stand terribly straight. What he think maybe like "Oh shit! Somebody is taking photo of me! I have to be the role model of entire PRC! Long with the Great Mao! I love PRC".

Guard patrolling at a touristic spot in Copenhagen. " What time is it now? Gonna get off!! øl øl (beer beer)!" 

Guard patrolling in commercial district in Colombo. " Kohomada ? (how are you?) Come and take a photo with me. Let's play cricket afterwards! "

These are what I am thinking about when I look at these photos. Totally my perception to these nationalities! Correct me if I am wrong. Plus, just for fun, no offense.

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