Lesson learnt ... Something from Mandela

" Over and over again, we had used all the non-violent weapons in our arsenal - speeches, deputations, threats, marches, strikes, stay-aways, voluntary imprisonment - all to no avails, for whatever we did was met by an iron hand. A freedom fighter learns the hard way that it is the oppressor who defines the nature of the struggle, and the oppressed is often left no recourse but to use methods that mirror those of the oppressor. At a certain point, one can only fight fire with fire" - Long walk to freedom

I am not saying something provocative, but the truth - government is the one who defines all the game rules. Those who possess power protect it at no cost. It's a human nature. To win this battle, you have to define a new set of rules. Syria, Tai Wan did, What about Hong Kong?

Freedom comes with cost......

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