Inspiration ... Chandelier

I haven't done music review for several weeks. But, I am so excited to share with you Sia's new song - Chandelier. You cannot miss it!

Firstly, I was entirely attracted by the music though the starting is similar to "Diamond" from Rihanna, which is also written by Sia. You can feel the reggae influence. Secondly, I was obsessed with Maddie's dance, such a talented girl!!! Highly flexible and weird eyesight.

It is an amazing pop ballad - Strongly emotional! With Sia's unique vocal delivery, you can really feel the situation, thoughts and emotion of a party girl, especially when chants in the chorus " I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist, like it doesn't exist". I could really feel like I was swirling from the chandelier. With the help of Maddie's dance, the music video is totally representing a new era of pop music.

Chandelier is indeed pessimistic. I think it is because Sia has been through unfortunate moments, which she was addicted to alcohol. Obviously, Chandelier is related to the self-destructive party girl. 

All in all...... I think this is going to be one the best pop music in 2014. AND... Sia has just taken the lead in pop music in 2014.

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