Lesson learnt ... Secret of being young

Last Saturday, my dad had a kayaking trip with his friends. For whole day, he rowed here and there. After going back home, he kept on mentioning how amazing the whole trip was to me and my mum (Seriously.... mentioning for whole week!!)

Today, he took us to have a family kayaking trip. Since he received a sailing licence ( Earned the licence with hard study!), we got a boat and a kayak sailing on the sea.

Rowing the kayak, pull and push the boat, sailing and taking care of my mum (which is a tremendous job!) seem to be easy to my dad. But wait! Daddy has already passed his fifty, but he is enjoying the above activities a lot, plus, he is doing them good.

Of course, daddy was lobsterized and entirely dead when he was home. But at least, we had fun, without any regret.

Nobody has ever set a rule that fifties are not able to deal with excited outdoor activities unless this rule is set by your heart.

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