Inspiration ... English is for EXAM or...?

In Hongkong, you can find the tutorial class advertisements here and there, at the MTR station, on the bus or a billboard hung outside the buildings. It's a common advert norm here. 

On the extraordinary huge billboards, you will find some stars posting like the models in American's Next Top Models - Guys and Girls version. Descriptions are even more hilarious - saying graduated from business school in the top universities or native English speakers.Well, does it mean that graduate from business school will be a good English teacher?

The funniest thing is that high school students do believe that these tutors are the saviors for them in DSE. Is paying thousands dollars for English class worthy? When I was a secondary schoolmate, I agree on that as I know that it's the entry ticket to the universities and leading to a prosperous future hopefully. I thought that getting good result in public exam equals to success. How shallow I was.

When I think out of this examination game, I realize how ridiculous the game is. For sure English is important, but not only for the examination (which we had this rooted wrong concepts throuh the advert). The whole idea of mastering foreign languages is about how to connect to the global village which 90% of teenagers didn't think of this point. Honestly I really feel disappointed about it......

HK is an international city, students should have global insight, but not like a shallow idiot......


  1. 如果家長和學生咁有遠見和智慧,

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