Story about swingsnowman ... ACCIDENTALLY it proves that I am the LUCKY Girl

I have always told the others that I am the luckiest girl in the world, at least at this moment. I was born in HK, raised in a middle class family which they love me a looooooot. I have a BF who treats me really like the only girl in the world and some good friends. I am doing something I want and building my career. What else can I ask for.

Last Sunday, something happened which proved me I am really the LUCKY GIRL.

We went for kayaking. Kayak was pulled to the beach. There were some youngsters playing volleyball on the beach which were a bit far away from me. All of a sudden, when I was walking pass by the kayak, a guy literally bumped into me (Maybe he failed to catch the volleyball?). I immediately hit on the kayak.

Just within that second, I fainted for a very short while. I remember I was trying so hard to breathe. Feeling huge pain on my chest and cheek, hearing somebody calling me and asking me deep breathe, I finally returned sober. Surrounded by group of people, I felt totally embarrassed... because I looked like hell.

After that, I could still climb and had a little fun on the beach.... until I vomited and felt dizzy. We went back immediately. I was sent to hospital to do the X-ray and CT (which I don't know what it is). I was confirmed okay.

But still, I am retarded - painful during breathing due to rib bruise. I now walk like a granny lol. Everybody takes care of me, but they do joke at me meanwhile. The worst thing is that I cannot really take photos for a while, so no more streetsnap for two weeks here... Things will return to normal later.

So... I am so successful to injure myself during my first kayaking trip this summer. LUCKY GIRL LOL.