How Beijing people feel about the Outsider?

I have to say, the people not originally from Beijing are called outsiders here, (except the white people), not foreigners.

Here is the different, "outsiders" is negative while "foreigners" is moderate.

One of my local friend said" Because it is Beijing! The capital since long time ago, since the Ming Dynasty. So we feel ourselves superior. People from other provinces rush into Beijing. We hate them ( yes! hate! )!! They totally destroy the peace here.!"

Yes, I really think that the pure Beijing people really look down on the outsiders. Only they dissatisfy with our pronunciation. Yap my mandarin suck! But neither do i understand your Beijing accent. Sorry!!

And, my friend mention another point, that is the people from different origins have their own characters. He elaborated" the north one is hypocritical; people from shanghai haggles over every ounce" Wow, they really look down on people..... 

What I feel is that, all in all, this is Beijing.

But if they keep having this kind of feeling, hardly can it keep roaring. 

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