Inspiration ... How / What you think really depends on...?

Well... Talking about thinking, I feel like I am not convincing enough to write a little column like this, as I am not really a logical person. But still, I wanna share about way of thinking.

Here is a little background of me. Apart from being a little blogger here, I of course have a boring routine job, which is not commercial industry. It's something about continuous improvement/ change management in a MNC factory. It's tough but challenging in the mean time. One thing I learnt thoroughly is the change of management style, to be exact it should be leadership style, really makes the change happen.

I and my teammate were debating the leadership style, while she is absolutely an aggressive & challenging & analytic & determined & leader-typed person. Looking at the perseverance in her eyes, listening to her talking about how leadership style should be, I immediately feel like... "wow! "

I told her that I don't have any managerial and leadership style. I don't spend a single second to think about how a leader or manager should be, nor what I will do once I have a team. I am not saying that I am incapable of being at that position, but it's just I am not really a career oriented person ( P.S. I would not write this little blog if I am like that).

Well... you should know that, by far, what I normally think or day dream is about basically about music, style, stylish design, life, relationship, snapshot, childish stuff... Ok... I am a day dreamer. Why do I always think about these areas? When I recall back, I was always exposed to the column, different types of music (chinese and western orchestra, Bee Gees, Pink Floyd, Carol King... plus my mum played Guzheng). I have never thought of something related to work indeed. However, my colleague is raised in the environment which all the seniors give advises related to managerial stuff/ leadership skills.

I just feel like... the way you think, area that you day dream/ think are influenced by your exposure and living environment for sure.

P.S. thanks my colleague, you make me understand myself a bit more.


  1. Start to go for your dream, don't waste your time in a boring job.
    Time would not wait for you.
    Life is short!