Inspiration ... HANDMADE#1

Handmade items are always meticulous. It takes time and extra care to complete and refine. You must have own some precious handmade items for sure.

Today, I walked a small sports shop in Mong Kok. As you know that Mong Kok is kind of conquered by some chain sport shops which basically sell the same cheesy sneakers, it is rare to see a small sports shop offering real sports equipment.

In front of it, there was a middle aged man focusing on weaving the net of badminton racket. I think it is my first time to see people weaving the net of racket. My dad once told me that " The handmade weaved net on racket is more durable which help you play better". Therefore, he gave me that as a birthday gift when I was a kid ( Though I am not a good badminton player lol).

Handmade item now is getting rare and rare. It's kind of a treasure which nearly extincts, at least in Hong Kong. Have you found other rare handmade items here?

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  1. hi there, i live in hong kong as well...i think everything in Hong Kong become more and more commercial...that's why i love handmade, i really enjoy spending time in Shum Shui Po seeing people to buy materials for their DIY projects :)
    xx nic