Inspiration ... Thought after visiting Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall

Last weekend, I took a short vacation to Hangzhou and Nanjing. I have been to these two places twice already when I was a little kid. I was not allowed to enter the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall as it is too PG. However, I know that ... I have to go there ... in memory of the victims. 

It's an magnificent museum. Those set-ups are brilliantly unforgettable - arousing your sentimental feeling completely. For example, there were photos of victims displayed randomly once every 12 seconds. It symbolizes a person was killed every 12 seconds during the tradegy. No matter how amazing the exhibition is, Chinese visitors still do not show their respect to it. Here is something that I don't understand is... why do Chinese throw coins on the set-up with pond? Anyway.

Frankly speaking, being a Chinese, you have a responsibility to understand this excruciating massacre and have a lesson learnt - the arrival of HARMONY is no easy task. Not to loathe, not to despise; but to remember it and learn from it. 

I have to say, the brainwashing of the whole museum is greatly successful. I can still remember the no. of victims is 300,000, thanks to posting " Victims 300,000" everywhere. Well, there is no such heavy "advertisement" in other similar halls, such as the concentration camp site in Berlin. Showing the world the heart broken truth is civilian's responsibility. Yet, is this kind of heavy promotion needed? I totally understand that China is still waiting for Japanese official apology. Nevertheless, facts speak louder than anything.

Treasure the peace we have.


  1. 原因之一是日本不單不承認有這件屠殺,

  2. 對啊! 但我相信世人可以做証