Inspiration ... 20 Things to do with SOUL-MATE when we reach 90

When I see this lovely couple in the mall (PS it's toooooo hot these days... I would only stay at the shopping mall to do Random Capture lol), the following items immediately comes into my mind.

20 Things to do with SOUL-MATE when we reach 90

1. Watch X-man in 3D version together in the cinema ( I believe that Woverine is immortal, there should 500 stories more about him
2. My soul-mate can sails in the sea, we enjoy champagne together on the yacht
3. I can still wear bikini to go to the beach, while my baby would still think that I am the most sexiest GIRL in the world
4. We go to watch the Michel Jackson / Lady GAGA/ Adele/ Bruno Mars tribute concert, while Lady GAGA is still so fashionable that people don't understand what she is wearing
5. I do jogging/ running in the gym, my baby can still lift some weight in the gym
6. We go shopping regularly, not only to the supermarket, but we try different clothing in fabulous boutique/ fashion chain store. Just like the elderly in ADVANCED STYLE
7. We cook together, enjoy cuisine from different nations. We can still have KFC sometimes. We are not afraid of high blood pressure/ diabetes/ heart disease because we cook healthy and delicious food all the time.
8. We have gathering with other elderly friends, just like what we do now.
9. We go for walk every night after dinner with our adopted dogs. Big Big and fluffy DOGSS.
10. We sleep together every night unless I kick you out to the sofa after we have fights.
11. Wake up by your kisses... or some water poured by my naughty soul-mate
12. We go travelling around the world. Make friends with different nationalities, Jamaicans, Brazilians and POLAR BEAR at north pole
13. We still manage our careers, at the same time, we have our own time - Work life balance.
14. People check whether I am officially 80 years old when we pay $2 for the public transportation fee.
15. We go to Disney/ Ocean park often. We feed the dolphins and swim with them.
16. We can still get on the roller coaster. Though it looks scary, but we still manage to overcome it.
17. We are geeks of IT. We would only use Samsung and Apple's products as there are only electrical appliances produced by these two companies. Others will be gone unfortunately.
18. We still go to LKF / SOHO to chilled out, still know the hip pop and party music. We still dance sexily.
19. We take care of our grandsons/ granddaughters. We may teach them how to drink or get stoned if their parents allow us to do so.
20. We still can have good sex just like what we do crazily in our teenage time.

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