Inspiration ... Asia Contemporary Art Show

Contemporary art is something that only intelligent genius, prodigy could understand (You can say that I am so stupid that I have no idea what art is XD ). But, it's still fun and cool to enjoy some artistic events like this.
Normally, we see the art in the gallery or museum. This time, the art show conquered several floor in Hotel Corad. Each room represented one booth. Holding a drink, we pumped into the room, talked to the promoters and enjoyed, enjoyed... That's how it was. Drums on....... Now take a look of some more pieces.

Some of the pieces were marvelous. One amazing piece was "Obama-Mandela". Totally fantastic!! Looked from the right, it is Obama. Looked from the left it is Mandela.

However, it's rare for me to understand contemporary art. Promoter said " You can really feel the energy from the painting. The power, the creativity ... The artist of this painting is really determined. Most of her clients are the corporate managers...... ( and blah blah blah)". I was like...... What the hell is it? Where is the energy and power?? (see the painting below)
At the end of the art show, I had a conclusion. Everybody can be an artist! It doesn't require you brilliant techniques. All you need is your bullshitting skills. Certain level of marketing absolutely makes your art works better and better. (Of course, if you are determined to be a great artist ever/ true artist, you certainly need great skills. No pain, no gain!)

Maybe... art is something we do not need logical mindset to understand. It is something more related to perception, feeling, philosophy......