Weekend columnist ...... Hey say a Goodbye to Good Old Days!

After the dinner with the girl S two weeks ago, it has been always on my mind - the little crazy trip to Kansai 5 years ago ( 4 or 5 years ago?). It was little crazy for a young seventeen - year-old teen.

We went to the aquarium which is the best in Asia ( at least it is what I believe); sailing on a fake pirate boat (ya its weird!); walking in Nara park with traditional Japanese dress, where the white people thought that we were japanese (Obviously I am not that japanese Kawaii cute) and blah blah blah. Yeah! It's so much fun and I love it. I still want to go here and there. But think about it, everybody say he loves travelling! Of course, they say so for sure. Travelling is about relax and buying happiness. You can put all the troubles behind! It's the best escape, right?

You asked me why I do not join the ladies group for a long time. I shrugged. I didn't know how to explain it clearly and in a simple way. I hesitated. Yeah I want different things in my life. Or maybe I do not know how to handle the people change or my change. It is just like you are going to have a 24km marathon tomorrow. You will suffocate without any practice. Afterwards, something comes across my mind. You just need some time. So I would put my memory into a safe place in my heart once in a while.

Yeah, I just put all these good old days in different boxes. I am too weak and it's just too heavy to carry them along in the trip. But, I would open these vivid boxes ...... maybe when I am alone or down or tired or whatever.

Wish you good luck. And I wish you have read this little passage.

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