No offence, but can u be smarter?

Yes I am an extremely typical HK girl. Only something unique or stylish could please me. People would certainly feel difficulties to buy gift to me. I am not seeking for something billionaire stuff because I know that Tiffany & Co. or Cartier are something so expensive that ordinary people like us could not afford. None the less, at least I would have some little expectations, especially to the one I love or flirt or so on.

Here are some examples that I totally despise!  

I just received a clutch. Normally I feel nice when I got a clutch. But, this one is totally a fail! The clutch is made up of several pieces of awful floral printed textiles.  The printing is similar to the pic below.

It just doesn't fit my style! I swear I would not bring this fucking old school clutch to anywhere, even just go to McDonald!

Well, I encounter another non-sense gift receiving experience. This one is even more bizarre.

Receiving a traditional Christmas sock is perfectly fine. But the funniest thing is that it is not typical red and green one, it is a pair of over knees and green with white snow printing Christmas socks. I mean I do appreciate Mr.J 's gift. What do you mean by sending me a pair of green sock? Do you want to have a role play during sex? No offense, just kidding! If I wear these socks to hang out, everybody must make fun on me for sure! Anyway, once again, it doesn't fit me at all!

Come on, what we girls ask for is pretty simple. For me, I think WE JUST NEED STH PRACTICAL AND NICE AND UNIQUE! Understand? If you query about that, just do research by your own self or buy a jewelry. 

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