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I always think about how I could make my blog better. The main trouble was deciding whether I should write it in English or Cantonese ( I say Cantonese because my Traditional Chinese is totally far from satisfactory, I speak or write Cantonese slang better!). That is absolutely stupid! I mean I should write something whatever I want no matter how my languages suck. It is my blog, my dear diary, sort of thing. Then, I would not give a shit on it! None the less, I need to have a theme.

Well, I am an engineer without any technical knowledge, so I could not write something or give comment about the infrastructure of the world or some CPU stuff ( What is CPU?!) Plus, I am not a history or politics student, I just have no clues about international relationships. But I do like fashion, music and different culture. Then, let's see how it goes.

BTW now I am living in HK, such a metropolitan city. You have to catch up with the roaring speed at every single moment. The tempo and the style of Duran Duran's 'Girl's Panic' is entirely a picture of Hong Kong-- Fabulous and fast, and it never ever changes!

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