Inspiration ... 9 Ways of How Family Should be in 21st Century

1. Each of the family member focuses on their own tablet/ smartphone during family gathering
2. We talk a lot in the family Whatsapp group instead of phoning each other
3. Even my mum / dad has Facebook account ( Maybe they stalk me sometimes)
4. When family members are at home, we normally do not talk except during dinner time. (Because everybody is playing on their own tablet / smartphone again)
5. 2 yr-old son/ daughter/ cousin is an expert in Angry Bird. However, he/she doesn't know how to play hide-and-seek.
6. We share photos on Facebook, Whatsapp. Sometimes we share the photos in slideshow on TV screen during family gathering, but no more photo album...
7. We still celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival together. It is still the only night that kids can play until 12am officially
8. 90% of the kids in HK financially rely on their parents until 22 years old (Including me... What a shame), or even 30 years old.
9. Watching ridiculous TV Drama from TVB is still our favorite activity after dinner

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