Every day you meet thousands of people, some passs by, some stay. If we meet 10,000 people per day, we have 80 years to live. The chance of meeting the only one is ... 0.0000000342465%. Okay, maybe there is another way to do the mathematical calculation, but anyhow we all agree that we merely can find the only one.

Me and Thili. We never thought of being with each other until we did. One of the most unforgettable and funny moment is ...First thing I told him when we first started to be together is ... "It's weird".

We laugh, talk, share, concern, fight, infinitely forgive, embrace, learn...... regardless what races we are. We learn the most beautiful elements in the world.

Love doesn't need to be a fairy tale one. We ALL find  LOVE.

P.S. This photo was taken when we were in Nanjing.... all people take the photo in a blurry style.

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