Inspiration ... You will find your way

During my university year, which is just a few years away, I have met a local HK boy who is utterly different from the typical HK teenagers. Just because of the uniquness - acting like a sociable ABC who is aggressive, outgoing and ambitious, we were mean to him. I feel sorry for the stupidity.

It was not as serious as school bullying. However, when I recall back the time in university, I keep on thinking about why we just excluded the heterogenous. It's because we were not humble enough to understand the others? Because we are Chinese, one of the most conservative species in the world? Are we not confident enough to embrace the others? Maybe our exclusive is one of the drives triggered him to find and know himself. He chose a different path.

As I have mentioned above, he is ambitious. Though I have no idea about his aspiration, but I admire his acts because he is paving his path. He made a deferral of his degree, got an internship and grad job in worldwide notable companies, travelling the world. That's why I say it's totally another world for the local teenagers.

Anyway, be persistent to yourself and good luck.

P.S It's my first time to use application to draw in tablet. lol


  1. Perhaps we are prone to rejecting things that are different from us because we do not understand them? I know a guy that fits perfectly to your description, and like you I've made fun of him constantly. It's more like a competition between him and me the whole time, we always have to outdo the other person.

    Good luck to you too :) The guy's fine, and you'll be fine too, in your own ways!