Inspiration ... What sacred relic enchant you

The Big Buddha is an internationally notable attraction. Come on, a super huge buddha is located on top of the mountain. However, apart from climbing a super long staircase and taking the terrible sweating pictures on the lotus platform, do you know that there is some more to see inside? 

You know, it is rare to see Buddhism relic directly. Normally, it is highly protected in a temple and covered with the bricks or so, because it is a way to show respect to the sacred pieces. However in the Big Buddha, you have an opportunity to see it in a closed distance (Yap.... unluckily I have a pair of typical Chinese eyes, which is hard for me to see the tiny pieces).  

Relic is a physical remains of saint for veneration as a tangible memorial. It plays an important role in worship. For example, in the Relic of the Tooth of Buddha in Sri Lanka, a bunch of crowd visits the relic everyday to show their respect. One interesting is that, no matter how crowded it is, you can still immediately calm yourself after worshiping relic. Regardless it is in HK or Sri Lanka, you will have the same calmness. But why?

Some may say this kind of enigma can not be explained through science. Some say people are just influenced by the surrounding solemn environment. I think... it's just people pay attention to worshiping the god/ the Buddha. Thinking about the life, humanity, generosity, karma, world...... , the more you understand, the more calmness you will get. 

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