Monday Music...... the HAIM

The HAIM is an American rock "family" band, which also earned the BBC's Sound of 2013... which means the HAIM is the raising star...

All three sisters, Este, Danielle, and Alana can play more than three instruments. Plus, one funny thing is that Este is famous for making blasting "Bass Face" lol.

I think the songs in their debut album "Days Are Gone" are entirely consistent - typical soft rock with a bit experimental. I think you can easily recognized that it is "The Haim" from the drum and their style. Among all the singles, I love "The Wire" and "If I Could Change Your Mind" the most. Videos are a bit weird... lol. Creepy for the "The Wire" lol. Anyway, I am sure that they are going to succeed since there are only a few of similar bands in the market.

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