On the way....... Kenting

Hey!! I am at Kenting now. Sapphaire sky, Mr. Sunshine and the beach!!
Taiwan trip is our graduation trip. It seems like everybody we know is in Taiwan. Nearly 20 friends in our department are in Taiwan now. What a small world! 

Anyway, I know that the sand here is not as fine as that in Maldives. But we still got tons of fun!

You could have a temporary tattoo here. Around TWD 100 - 300. The tattoo designer claimed that it could last for 5-10 days. Hopefully yes! XD

Honestly, I love tattoo now! I would love to have one. And I do agree to the point that tattoo is a symbol of stylish, sexy and wild, provided that that tattoo is not a dragon or a foreign language that you do not understand. Well, I admire the Zombie Boy.

Anyway, got a good time here =]=]

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